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GHG Oversized Mallard Feeders converted into Motion Decoys and totally flocked


"The Fuzzybutt really does the job on calm days & the flocking is awesome!!"
Dave, Orville, Ohio

"Just thought i would drop you a line to let you know that fuzzybutt worked really good - it gave off some ripples in the water that made our other deeks come alive - even my buddy really liked it & he is very picky about these types of motion decoys."
Jeff, Alliance, Ohio

"Decoyflocker.com took my spinning wing decoys and feeder butt decoys to the next level; they work better now than they ever have before. There is no glare, they provide just the right amount of motion and they really pull the ducks in close. I have had more ducks landing in the decoys now then I have ever had before. The turnaround time is amazing and the artistic ability it takes to do this is second to none. The customer service and communication is outstanding. Jamie is a top notch guy that does amazing work. I WILL be doing business with him again soon."
Brian, Warrens, Wisconsin

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