About Decoyflocker.com

Decoyflocker.com was founded in 2009. We are a small family owned and operated company located in the rolling hills of East Central Ohio.

After 20 plus years of goose hunting, I became very frustrated at the price of full body decoys. Our mission became offering a durable, affordable, great looking full body decoy. Unfortunately, our goose decoys did not get the reception we had hoped for. Fortunately though, I learned how to flock our decoys and began experimenting with flocking my own duck decoys. This almost instantly generated lots of interest and thus, led to the creation of Decoyflocker.com to accomodate the growing demand for our custom flocking and airbrush services. Tired of those old worthless decoys that have no paint left and are unhuntable? Flock 'Em!!!! That's right, send them to us and we will custom flock and airbrush them to better than new condition!!

We are currently starting to offer our new "Flocked & Loaded" unsinkable foam decoys in our standard model and our Magnum "Fat Boy Foamers". When this project is completely rolled out, both decoy lines will offer Bluebills, Redheads, Canvasbacks, Goldeneyes, Ringnecks and Buffleheads. As with everything we offer, these decoys will be totally flocked with our special flocking method for added durability and NO glare!!

Our decoys are 100% made in the U.S.A, made by Americans, using only American made materials! We appreciate your support, and look forward to your business!

- Jamie Millsaps Owner, Decoyflocker.com